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Cube ACR Helper is a utility app, specifically designed to work in tandem with Call Recorder - Cube ACR in order to ensure the correct recording of phone calls and VoIP conversations on your Android device.

Why you need Cube ACR Helper

Upon the latest updates in Google’s Developer Policy, call recording apps can no longer use accessibility services for call recording purposes. In view of this, we’ve developed a supplementary utility app, - Cube ACR Helper, to enable you to continue recording incoming and outgoing phone & VoIP calls on Android 9 devices and higher.

Note! Recording VoIP calls using Cube ACR is only possible, if your mobile device supports such functionality.

How it works

To enable call recording features on your device, you need to take the following steps:

Install Cube ACR from Google Play.
Install Cube ACR Helper and enable all requested permissions for this app.

Note! If you’re running Cube ACR Helper on Android 13 and higher, you will also need to “Allow restricted settings” for the app.

Enable “Use Cube ACR app connector.”

Important! Cube ACR Helper is NOT the substitute for Cube ACR. Instead, it’s the utility app, which works in tandem with Cube ACR, to make the recording of calls possible and smooth.

For more information regarding the installation and setup of Cube ACR Helper, please visit

If you have any questions or face any issues with using Cube ACR Helper or Cube ACR, please send us an email at [email protected].

Legal notice

The legislation regarding phone call recording varies in different countries and states. Please make sure that you're not breaking the legislation of your or your callee/caller country. Always notify the callee/caller that your conversation will be recorded and ask for their permission.

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