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Axe It - interesting game that based on chopping woods.
Challenge yourself! How big record can you get?
Choose your favorite axe and location!

Axe it is an exciting offline game journey based on hitting logs with an axe. Enter the battle with the tree and check your skills in the hatting targets! Saturated gameplay and exciting locations are waiting for you! Manage your favorite instrument and show everyone how many firewood you are able to cut and how many rewards you can get.

Join your adventure in Axe it offline, and you will find many fascinating opportunities and rewards. Travel along various locations full of lush trees, cacti, ice floes and compete with other players in the cutting of firewood. Choose your target location and get to work!

Axe It: Offline represents a wide range of axes from which you can choose your favorite. Take rewards! Open new axes and increase your chances of winning in that journey.

The advantages is travel in a variety of locations. Various places where you can break firewood await you. From picturesque forests to unsociable deserts - choose and travel a place that you target, and start your journey with an axe!

Axe it gameplay is fascinating and dynamic. You have to definitely aim at the target and cut wood logs, collecting as many glasses as possible and getting rewards. With each blow, the difficulty of your journey increases, and you will have to show all your skills in order to target high offline results.

Do not forget about the awards! In the game you will find various offline bonuses and prizes. Get rewards for completing target tasks and achieving new records. Improve your skills, buy new axes to become the best player in this journey!

We target to make a game offline the best journey for you, so your opinion about our game as reward for us. If you liked the game or you have a proposal to improve, please leave your review. We value each feedback and use it to improve the game experience of all our players.

Make pleasure in Axe it offline and become a real master of firewood! Join our game and journey team today and target for yourself the exciting world of cutting wood trunks!

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