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Escape Game "Lost and Found Terminal"
This is the lost and found terminal.
The place where the lost items finally arrived.
●This work is an escape game with the theme of "lost objects".
●The player will become a train conductor and return the lost objects who have forgotten their identities to their owners.
●This work is a checkpoint type, you can get various props by solving the puzzles of each checkpoint.
●Each level has hints and answers, even beginners can play and pass the level.
●All levels are free to play.

▼How to play▼
●Click to investigate
●Click on the prop bar to select props.
●Click again to select the item to enlarge it.
●Click the menu button on the screen to call out the menu.
●Tap ? on the screen key to get a hint or view an answer.

▼Strategy Tips▼
●Tap every corner of the screen.
●Observe every prop carefully.
●Some props can be combined.
●In addition to clicking, you can also try operations such as swiping.
●Don't miss any information in the game.

▼Reason for recommendation▼
●Suitable for those who like stations at dusk, those who have important items, and those who like room escape games.
●This game has 2 sections of hints and answers, suitable for beginners.

▼Characteristics of Youxin▼
We paid attention to making sure that each level had enough weight and added some "playful heart".

*This game is a re-released version of the Youxin game that is not currently available for download.
This game is distributed subject to terms of use.

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